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Russian-Taiwanese Symposium

“Physics and Mechanics of New Materials

and Their Applications”

Rostov-on-Don, Russia, June 4 – 6, 2012

Second announcement
and call for papers

Russian Foundation for Basic Research

National Science Council of Taiwan

New Century Education Foundation

Unity Opto Technology Co.

Formosa Epitaxy Inc.

 ChenFull International Co.

Genius Net Co.

EPOCH Energy Technology Corp.

AREA Energy Group Inc.

Fair Well Fishery Corp.

South Russian Regional Centre for Preparation and Implementation of International Projects, Ltd.     

Welcome Address

On behalf of the PMNM Organizing Committee and Scientific Program Committee we would like to invite everyone who has an interest in advanced materials and their applications to attend the Russian-Taiwanese Symposium “Physics and Mechanics of New Materials and Their Applications”. It will take in Rostov-on-Don, Russia from 4 to 6 June 2012 hosted by Southern Federal University.

Southern Federal Uni

The symposium will present intermediate results obtained in fulfillment of Joint NSC-RFBR proposal No 10-08-13300. General symposium topics include, but are not limited to advanced materials, their synthesis and processing, characterization, research methods, and applications. In particular, the reports will be devoted to original computer approaches, manufactured piezotransducers and other devices for underwater acoustic multimedia communication based on the microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and the new experimental, theoretical and model results obtained, in particular for novel piezoelectric materials and composites.The Proceeding Book will be published in Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York. The interchange by scientific results and discussion of directions for new joint researches will promote to significant motion in the way R&D of the more reliable and long-lived informative underwater devices based on MEMS-approach. Another goal of the symposium is to attract researchers from Russia, Taiwan and other countries to fulfillment of joint investigations and scientific collaboration.

The Southern Federal University is one of the leading Russian Universities and recognized leader in Russia in field R&D of piezoelectrics and related materials, and also processing different devices on their base.

Rostov-on-Don is the great administrative, cultural, scientific-educational and industrial centre of Russia with warm (20 - 30ºC) sun weather in beginning of June. The Don-river is lovely site for active and beautiful rest, it connects five seas.

Ivan A. Parinov

PMNM Co-Chairman

Shun-Hsyung Chang

PMNM Co-Chairman

Important dates to remember

Requirement of the Russian Visa

March 15, 2012

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts

April 1, 2012

Notification of Acceptance

April 15, 2012

Deadline for Hotel Registration

May 1, 2012

Deadline for Registration with Fee Payment

May 31, 2012


June 4 - 6, 2012

Deadline for Paper Submission

June 6, 2012

Organizing Committee

I. A. Parinov (Southern Federal University, Russia)                                                               Co-Chairman

S.-H. Chang (National Kaohsuing Marine University, Taiwan, ROC)                                   Co-Chairman     

E. K. Aidarkin (Southern Federal University, Russia)                                            

C.-K. Chou (New Century Education Foundation, Taiwan, ROC)

V. V. Kalinchuk (Southern Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

M. I. Karyakin (Southern Federal University, Russia)                                            

C.-T. Lin (National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan, ROC)

V. S. Malyshevsky (Southern Federal University, Russia)                                             

F. A. Surkov (Southern Federal University, Russia)                                            

M.-C. Wu (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, ROC)

D.-S. Wuu (Dayeh University, Taiwan, ROC)                                                      

O. L. Nikisheva (Southern Federal University, Russia)                                                          Secretariat                                        

M. S. Shevtsova (Southern Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

C. E. Vassilchenko (Southern Federal University, Russia) 

J.-K. Wu (National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan, ROC)


Scientific Program Committee

Y.-Y. Bu (National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan, ROC)

S. I. Builo (Southern Federal University, Russia)

Y.-T Cheng (China University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, ROC)

J.-J. Ho (National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan, ROC)

R.-H. Horng (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, ROC)

C.-F. Lin (National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan, ROC)

T. G. Lupeiko (Southern Federal University, Russia)

I. P. Miroshnichenko (Rostov State Transport University, Russia)

V. M. Mukhortov (Southern Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

A. V. Nasedkin (Southern Federal University, Russia)

A. E. Panich (Southern Federal University, Russia)

L. A. Reznitchenko (Southern Federal University, Russia)

S. N. Shevtsov (Southern Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)                                            

V. B. Shirokov (Southern Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

A. N. Soloviev (Don State Technical University, Russia)

M. A. Sumbatyan (Southern Federal University, Russia)

V. Yu. Topolov (Southern Federal University, Russia)

A. O. Vatulyan (Southern Federal University, Russia)

J.-P. Wang (National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan, ROC)

C.-C. Yang (National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan, ROC)

C.-D. Yang (National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan, ROC)

M.-Y. Yeh (National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan, ROC)


Scientific Program

(i)              Materials: Ferro-Piezoelectrics, Semiconductors, High-Temperature Superconductors, Related Materials

(ii)            Synthesis & Processing: Powder Processing, Processing Technologies, MEMS-Processing

(iii)          Characterization: Microstructure Properties, Physical Properties, Mechanical Properties, Strength Properties

(iv)          Research Methods: Finite-Element Modelling, Acoustic Emission and Related Methods, Optic Interferometry and Related Methods

(v)            Applications: MEMS, Hetero-structures, Multimedia Communication, Underwater Technology, Marine Engineering


Symposium Schedule

The symposium schedule of PMNM will be formed after receiving all abstracts and will consist of oral (and may be) poster presentations. The symposium schedule will be presented on the PMNM site http://pmnm.math.rsu.ru/ by April 15, 2012.


The abstracts up to one page in WORD 97-2003 (*.doc) should be sent by e-mail before April 1, 2012 to ppr@math.rsu.ru. While only one report per participant will be published in the Proceeding Book, some reports could be presented in the Symposium and published in the Abstract Book. Authors will be notified by April 15whether the contribution has been accepted. The format to be used is a text within a box of width 14.5 cm and height 22.5 cm. A 12 point font should be used. The title appears centered, in capitals.It is separated by an empty line from the author’s name in lower case, also centered. The name of the author who presents the contribution should be underlined. An empty line separates the name from the affiliation, in lower case and centered. The text body, together with the heading, should fit inside the box. The Abstract book will be published before symposium.


The proceedings will be published as special Edited book “Physics and Mechanics of New Materials and Their Applications" by Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York. Moreover, some reports will be published by Springer, Heidelberg, Berlin. The deadline for contributions to the proceedings presented electronically by the authors is June 6, 2012. It is assumed the length of the manuscripts will be up to 20 pages. Instructions for preparing the manuscript will be sent to each presenting author after the abstract has been accepted and presented at the Symposium site http://pmnm.math.rsu.ru

Secretariat of the Symposium

Address: Vorovich Mechanics and Applied Mathematics Research Institute of Southern Federal University, 200/1, Stachki Ave, Rostov-on-Don, 344090, Russia

Fax/Tel: +7-863-2975231

e-mail: ppr@math.rsu.ru

INTERNET site: http://pmnm.math.rsu.ru/

Symposium Language

The official language of the symposium will be English.

Registration and Fees

On-line registration will be available on the symposium web-site http://pmnm.math.rsu.ru/. For those who are unable to register on-line, there are also downloadable forms which could be sent by e-mail: ppr@math.rsu.ru.

All full participants must register and pay the registration fee which will be US$300 and include social and technical programs, coffee-break, public transport pass for the Rostov-on-Don area from 04.06.2012 to 06.06.2012, book of the Symposium Abstracts and book of the Symposium Proceedings. The book of the Symposium Proceedings, published after symposium by Nova Science Publishers, will be post-mailed to the authors (1 book per paper) by the Symposium Secretariat. Special payment will be made for Symposium Banquet.

Deadline for Registration with Fee Payment is May 31, 2012.

Registration Desk

The registration package including Abstract book with Symposium Program, tickets for social events and other symposium materials will be available at the Symposium Registration Desk. The Registration Desk will be open at the following locations during the next times:

Vorovich Mechanics and Applied Mathematics Research Institute of Southern Federal University, 200/1, Stachki Avenue,

Rostov-on-Don, 344090, Russia:

Sunday 3 June 14:00 – 18:00

Monday 4 June 08:00 – 12:00

It will be organized the meeting of the foreign participants in Rostov airport and Rostov rail-road station at corresponding requirements.

Method of Payment

Payment to be made in USD in direct transfer to:
Account Name:
South Russian Regional Centre for Preparation and Implementation of International Projects, 200/1, Stachki Ave, Rostov-on-Don, 344090, Russia

Bank Name: SBERBANK (Yugo-Zapadny office), Rostov-on-Don, Rostovskoe OSB, No. 5221

Bank Address: 41, Bratsky Str, Rostov-on-Don, 344082, Russia


ACCOUNT: 30301840852000605209 (USD)

TRANSIT CURRENCY ACCOUNT: 40702840252090206344

Tel: +7-8632-674609, 7-8632-726674

Fax: +7-8632-678449

Please note that all transfer charges must be paid by the sender.

Russian Visa

Due to receipt of the Russian visa for Taiwanese participants (also as for the participants from some other countries) can be enough prolonged then this procedure should be begun near March, 15The Russian invitation has validity period for Russian embassy in Taiwan of only 3 months. The procedure duration of receipt the Russian invitation in Rostov-on-Don in presence of all required documents is 1 month.

The list of documents and data required for the Russian invitation in Rostov-on-Don:

  1. Electronic copy of passport presented by e-mail

  2. Birth date and place

  3. Company and address, your position

The Russian invitation will be sent to each participant in his(her) address by express-mail and should attain his(her) in beginning of May. After receipt of the Russian invitation, distribution of the Russian visa from the Russian embassy in Taiwan will be fulfilled during very short date (some days).

The participants from other countries should consulate on necessary of Russian visa in the Russian embassy in their country before departure in Russia and point this at registration on the PMNM site http://pmnm.math.rsu.ru/


Rostov-on-Don is the Russian town located at South-East of Eastern-European plain, at the river Don in 46 km from its confluence in Azov Sea. The distance from Moscow is equal to 1094 km. Rostov-on-Don is the administrative center of Rostov Region and from May 13, 2000 the administrative center of Southern Federal District. Rostov-on-Don has been based in 1749 by decree of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna. The city population is more than 1 million peoples. Rostov-on-Don is the great administrative, cultural, scientific-educational and industrial centre of Russia. It is an important transport junction of Russian South and has names “Caucasus Gate” and “Port of Five Seas”

The temperature in beginning of June can be (20 - 30ºC) with sun weather. Information about the weather forecast on web-sites: http://pogoda.yandex.ru/rostov-na-donu/ and http://www.gismeteo.ru/city/daily/5110/. The Rostov time coincides with Moscow time.

The Russian currency is the ruble. At the time of printing (February 7, 2012):

1 New Taiwanese Dollar = 1.03 rbls, 1 EURO = 39.46 rbls, 1 US Dollar = 30.09 rbls.

Credit cards currency exchange are accepted in the numerous bank offices of Rostov-on-Don. Information about the currency course on web-site: www.yandex.ru

Rostov-on-Don can be reached by plane 1.5 hrs from Moscow) via Rostov Airport, situated in the city bounds, or train (18 hrs from Moscow).

The airport is 5 km far (3 miles) from the city centre. A city transport connection is available from the airport to the centre of Rostov-on-Don. The rail-road station is situated in the centre of the city approximately in middle of the distance between the airport and the Vorovich Mechanics and Applied Mathematics Research Institute of Southern Federal University.

Information about flights and trains to and from Rostov-on-Don on web-sites: http://www.aeroport-rostov.ru/ and http://www.vokzalinfo.ru/rostov.aspx.

Registration form